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Emissions Station Registration Renewals
As a State of Nevada Vehicle Registration Official Renewal Site, Safe Lube Plus can renew your vehicle registration after your vehicle has successfully passed the required emissions test. It's fast, easy and convenient. At Safe Lube Plus, we are doing all we can to provide the services you need to simplify your life.

Remember there is no grace period in Nevada!
So, if you are running out of time to renew your registration and don't want to stand in line, stop by Safe Lube Plus, get your vehicle tested, your registration renewed and be on your way!

How It Works
Safe Lube Plus can process your registration renewal directly through the Emission Analyzer that we use to test your vehicle. You will receive the registration certificate and decal in the mail. It's that simple!

  • Be sure to bring your registration renewal notice with you to the station. If your renewal is late, the system will automatically add in any late fees due. You may renew up to 18 months after expiration.

  • Pay DMV renewal fees by cash, check or major credit card. We deposit cash and checks with the DMV on a daily basis. Credit cards are processed directly through the DMV.

  • You will receive one receipt for the emissions inspection.The station is allowed to charge a maximum of $10.00 for the renewal service in addition to the normal fees and/or the posted maximum charge.

  • You will receive a second receipt for the DMV renewal fees.This receipt will contain a DMV Super Transaction ID number. Use this number in case you wish to contact the DMV regarding your renewal.

  • Your registration is updated instantly.The new expiration date will show in the DMV computer system immediately upon completion.

  • You will receive your new registration and license plate decal in the U.S. Mail. These are printed in Carson City and placed in the mail within two business days.

Remember, we are also an authorized emissions system repair station as well...so if there is a problem we can take care of it.

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