History of Valvoline
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The most common service we are asked to perform is the Oil change. Our technicians are trained to look for other services that may need to be performed as recommended by the vehicles manufacturer. However, In no case will you ever be pressured to have a service performed. Our job is to make you aware of what should be done. Then leave you alone to make your decision without badgering. We welcome your questions and will always answer them respectfully.

Other Services Provided

  • Fuel filter replacement
  • Air filter replacement
  • Light bulb replacement
  • Wiper blade replacement
  • Battery maintenance and replacement
  • Radiator Antifreeze/Coolant Service
  • Automatic Transmission flush and refill
  • Manual Transmission drain and refill
  • Transfer case drain and refill
  • Differential case drain and refill
  • Serpentine belt (fan belt) replacement
  • State of Nevada Emissions (Smog) Test
  • State of Nevada Registration Renewal

  • It is important for you to know that there is no fluid that can be added to your car or truck that will fix a mechanical problem. Some fluids may help to cover up a problem but will not fix it.

    It is necessary to change your fluids in a timely manner, as the manufacturer of your vehicle recommends, to get the most service from your car or truck.

    Many times a customer will come in with an automatic transmission that is long overdue for service and is not shifting properly. A fluid change (or additive) is NOT going to fix a transmission that has been neglected. Time to go to the transmission shop for repairs.

    This is true of engines also. Adding some wizz bang super additive advertised on late night TV is a waste of your money.

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