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What do I get for a low price oil change?

When a shop advertises a low ball price, you know they expect to up-sell. "Do you want fries with that?"

First, most often, the low ball price will include a quart less oil than most cars and trucks need.
You will be charged for that "extra" quart of oil. = UP SALE!!

Then, you will get a sales pitch on why you should upgrade from the conventional motor oil included
in the low price to a more expensive oil. = UP SALE!!

You may have seen ads for 4 wheel drive motor oil on TV,    I have never figured out how the oil knows it is in a 4 wheel drive motor. But we stock it for those who demand it.

A lot of oil companies teach their people to press hard for up-sales. Why do they have to do this?

One reason is that many franchises charge a hefty franchise fee to join the franchise. About $35,000 seems to be average. On top of that the owner also has to pay an ongoing royalty and advertising fee based on the shops GROSS revenue. This averages about 10% and must be paid first... BEFORE any deductions for expenses.

If the shop owner is to survive, he or she must get that money from you. That is in addition to the costs of oil, grease, rent/mortgage, wages, utilities, etc. etc. etc. So you can see why hardly anyone drives away paying that low ball price that was advertised.

At A SAFE LUBE PLUS we do our best to keep prices reasonable while paying our employees a living wage.

You don't want someone that can't afford to pay the rent and feed themselves and their family properly working on your vehicle.

We believe: It is wrong to sell a service that is not needed. And it is equally wrong not to tell the customer of services that are due and recommended by the manufacturer.

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